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Anne Coesens

Biography of Anne Coesens

Anne Coesens born on 1 June 1966, is a well-known actress, director, and writer from Belgium. She is most famous for Illégal (2010), Le Secret (2001), Tous les chats sont gris (2014), Pas son genre (2014), and Diamant 13.

Early Life – Education and Birth Place 

In Woluwe-Saint-Pierre, Anne went to primary school at the Chant d’Oiseau municipal school. She is a Belgian actress born in June 1966, in Brussels, Belgium, sharing her nationality with Lubna Azabal. Coesens has had an attachment to the theatre since her childhood and she was dedicated to it during her schooling. Moreover, she attended The Royal Conservatory of Brussels and graduated in 1990 with first prize. Later, she was admitted to the National Superior Conservatory of Dramatic Arts in Paris where she was a classmate of Philippe Adrien. After that, she was cast in La Puritaine, it was her debut, but she worked more in theatre.

Anne Coesens early life

Struggle and Career

In 1986, Coesens started her career in a role in La Puritaine, at a very young age as Jemima West. However, After she graduated from the Conservatory, she mostly indulged in theatre including A Lion in Winter, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, and L’Hermit in the Forest, and Television projects including A Soup with Wild Herbs and What Ernesto Tells, and in cinema. It was due to Alain Berliner that she was offered a main role in Le Jour du Chat and then after that, a role of the teacher in Ma vie en Rose. Later, She played a few more important roles in Pure Fiction and Cold Room. 

Since 1995, She has been appearing in TV projects regularly. She has a vast career in theatre, Television, and Cinema, the way Stephen Woolley has. She also got an opportunity in the form of The Secret to showcase her delicacy and intimacy to its full extent. In 2022, Coesens wrote the script of the series Pandore, with Vania Lecturcq and Savina Dellicour.

Anne Coesens career

Theatre of Anne Coesens

Anne played a total of 5 theatres.

  • A lion in winter
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare
  • Cyrano de Bergerac by Edmond Rostand
  • The Hermit in the forest
  • Castle Street


The Puritan /Jacques Doillon1986
The Day of the Cat /Alain Berliner1991
Le Temps d’une cigarette /Philippe Fontana /short film1997
My life in pink /Alain Berliner1997
Alliance seeks finger /Jean-Pierre Mocky1997
Pure Fiction /Marian Handwerker1998
Ancient History /Paul Grandsard /short film1998
Cold Room/Olivier Masset-Depasse /short film2000
The Secret /Virginie Wagon2000
When you come down from the sky /Éric Guirado /Catherine2002
In the Shadow/Olivier Masset-Depasse /short film2004
Tomorrow we move /Chantal Akerman2004
The Natural Enemy /Pierre-Erwan Guillaume2004
Cages /Olivier Masset-Depasse2006
Darling /Christine Carrière2007
9mm /Taylan Barman2008
Diamant 13 /Gilles Béhat2009
Free student /Joachim Lafosse2009
664 km Arnaud Bigeard /short film2009
Illegal /Olivier Masset-Depasse2010
Like a Lion /Samuel Collardey2013
Goodbye Morocco /Nadir Moknèche2013
Not his type /Lucas Belvaux2014
Next Year /Vania Leturcq  /Ariane2014
All cats are gray /Savina Dellicour /Christine2014
The Jail /Audrey Estrougo /Noémie2016
Killers of François Troukens and Jean-François Hensgens /Hélène2017
Duelles /Olivier Masset-Depasse /Céline Geniot2018
Never Grow Old /Ivan Kavanagh /Mrs. Crabtree2019
To the Madness/Audrey Estrougo /The mother2020
Farewell Monsieur Haffmann /Fred Cavayé  /Hannah Haffmann2021
Under the Wind of the Marquesas /Pierre Godeau /Valérie2024


Anne Coesens Television

The Fires of Saint-Jean /François Luciani1996
A wild herb soup /Alain Bonnot1997
Beautiful as Croesus /Jean-François Villemer1997
From father to son /Jérôme Foulon1999
Stolen Vacation/Olivier Panchot1999
Special Brigade /television series /charlotte Brandström1999
Lyon special police /television series /Bertrand Arthuys2000
Little Man /Laurent Jaoui2002
The Year of Big Girls /Jacques Renard2002

A son of our time /Fabrice Cazeneuve
Strong shoulders /Ursula Meier2003
Melting Snow /Laurent Jaoui2003
The Night of the Murder /Serge Meynard /Role: Laure Martignac2004
Personal guarantee /Serge Meynard2004
Troubled pasts /Serge Meynard /Role: Sarah2006
Reporters, season 1 /television series /Ivan Strasburg, Suzanne Fenn, Gilles Bannier2007
The All Saints’ Day Traveler /Philippe Laïk /Role: Colette2007
The Widow’s Journey /Philippe Laïk /Role: Nanon Leverrier2008
Reporters /Role: Florence Daumal2009
Joseph the Rebellious/Caroline Glorion /Role: Geneviève de Gaulle-Anthonioz2011
The Truce /Matthieu Donck /Role: Inès Buisson2015
Between Two Mothers /Renaud Bertrand /Role: the specialized educator2017
Influence games /Jean-Xavier de Lestrade /Suzanne Forest2019
Pandora /Vania Leturcq , Savina Dellicour /Claire Delval2022

Awards and Achievements

Anne Coesens has won a total of six awards and one nomination for now.

Short film Elves/Best Actress/In the Shadow /2005Won
Mamers Festival in March /Cages /2007Won
Short film Elves/Best Actress /664 km /2009Won
Namur International French-speaking Film Festival /best actress /Illégal /2010Won
Magritte for Best Actress/Illegal /2011Won
Magritte Awards /Best Supporting Actress 3 /All Cats Are Gray /2016Won
Magritte Award /Best Actress in a Supporting Role /Pas son genre /2015Nominated

Family Background of Anne Coesens

Coesens has kept her private life including her parents, a secret. In short, Her Father and Mother are unknown to her fans, as it is by Pauline Burlet, Arda Anarat, and Van Vicker.

Relationship – Love Life, Marriage

Anne is married to a director, Olivier Masset-Depasse. She has also been working with him on more than four projects. Moreover, Anne found her life partner in the situation as Synnove Karlsen did. Both of them started working with their partner and later got married.

Anne Coesens relationship

Figure – Physical Measurements

Importantly, Anne has a charming personality at 5 ft 9 inches tall and a 66kg figure. She has dark brown hair and hazel eyes that suit her pretty nature so well.

Wiki Info

As we are talking about Anne Coesens, one of your favorite actresses, Here are his Wiki details.

Full NameAnne Coesens
Stage NameAnne Coesens
Birth Date1 June, 1966
Zodiac SignGemini
OccupationActress, ScreenWriter, Director
Age58 years old
Birth CountryBelgium
Hair ColorDark Brown
Eye ColorHazel
Birth CityBrussels, Belgium
Career Years1986-present
Height5 ft 9 inches
Marital StatusMarried

Net Worth of Anne Coesens

According to our records, Anne Coesens never revealed her net worth and it is unknown.

Anne Coesens net worth

Social Media Accounts

Lastly, I need to quote, there is no social media account officially registered by Anne Coesens. It seems like she is quite a private person with a less socializing personality.

Who is Anne Coesens?

Anne Cousens is a well-known actress, director, and Scriptwriter from Belgium.

Who is the husband of Anne Coesens?

Anne Coesens is married to Olivier Masset-Depasse. She has been working on various movie projects with him.

When did Anne Coesens born?

Anne Coesens was born on 1 June 1966. She will be 58 years old by 2024.

How tall is Anne Coesens?

Anne Coesens is 5 ft 9 inches tall with a charming figure of 66kg.

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