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Biography of Lorde

Biography of Lorde

Lorde (Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor) is a singer and songwriter from New Zealand. She makes pop music uniquely and writes songs by thinking deeply. Lorde chose her stage name because she likes royalty, adding an “e” to Lord to make it more like a girl’s name.

Early Life – Education and Birth Place 

Lorde Early Life

Lorde was born in Takapuna (a part of Auckland), New Zealand. She is a citizen of both New Zealand and Croatia. She grew up in a place called Auckland, in neighborhoods called Devonport and Bayswater. When Lorde was five years old, she joined a drama group where she learned how to speak in front of people. She especially liked a book called “Feed” and authors like J. D. Salinger, Raymond Carver, and Janet Frame.

Lorde’s teacher at school thought she might be brilliant, so her mom had her do a particular test called the Woodcock–Johnson Tests to check how clever she was when she was six. She went to a specific school for intelligent kids called the George Parkyn Centre, but her mother took her out because she was worried about making friends. 

After that, she attended Vauxhall School and Belmont Intermediate School. At Vauxhall, she did well in a speech contest, coming in third and then first, in different years. She also did a big quiz about books with her school team in 2009 and got second place worldwide.

Struggle and Career 

Lorde Struggle and Career

In the beginning, Lorde and her friend Louis McDonald won a talent show at their school (Belmont Intermediate). Louis’s dad sent recordings of them singing to a music company called Universal Music Group (UMG), and they liked it. Meanwhile, she joined a band at school called Extreme, and they did well in a music competition in November. In 2010, Lorde and Louis started performing together as a duo at different places in Auckland. 

In 2011, UMG got Lorde a singing coach, and she started writing her songs. She first sang her songs in November 2011. Then, in December, she started working with Joel Little to record some songs. While all this was happening, she was still going to school. She finished Year 12 in 2013 but decided not to return for Year 13 in 2014.

Lorde and her friend Joel Little made music together called “The Love Club EP”. At first, few people knew about her music, so it was free to download. But soon, many people liked it, and an extensive music company released it in 2013. Her song “Royals” became very popular and won two Grammy Awards. Lorde’s first album, “Pure Heroine”, came out in 2013, and people loved it. She also got to sing songs for movies like “The Hunger Games”. She even sang with the famous band Nirvana at a special event.

In 2016, Lorde moved to a place called Herne Bay in Auckland. At an awards show in 2016, she sang a particular song by David Bowie. People consider this song to be the best performance ever. The same year, she also helped write a song for a music duo called “Broods”.

After that, her new song “Green Light” was released in 2017. Just like other songs, people also love this song very much. Further, she sang a song with Bleachers (Rock band).

She made a music album called “Melodrama” in June 2017. Lots of people liked it, and it became very famous. The album even got nominated for a significant music award named, the Grammy Award. She had some other singers sing with her at her concerts. But there was a problem when she decided not to perform at a concert in Israel because of political disagreements. During this time, a magazine also talked about her talent and success.

She started making her third album in May 2020 with a friend named Jack Antonoff after her dog Pearl passed away. In November 2020, she said she would make a book called “Going South” about her trip to a cold place called Antarctica. In May 2021, she told everyone she would sing at a big party in June 2022, her first time singing in two years. Then, in June 2021, she sent a message on her computer saying her new song, “Solar Power”, would come out in 2021. 

The song came out in June, and her album with the same name came out in August, but some people disliked it. In September 2021, she made a mini-album called “Te Ao Mārama”, sung in a unique language from New Zealand called “Te Reo Māori”. The money she makes from this mini-album goes to help groups in New Zealand. In August 2023, Lorde sang two new songs at a party in England.

Relationship – Love Life, Marriage or Boyfriend

In 2015, people started talking about Lorde and Justin Warren being in love, even though they didn’t officially say they were. Lorde hinted at a split in September 2023, mentioning heartbreak in her newsletter to fans. Lorde and Justin didn’t share much about their relationship with the public during their time together. However, they didn’t discuss it much in interviews or share pictures on social media. Instead, they preferred to keep their love between just the two of them.

Figure – Physical Measurements

Lorde Physical Measurements

The table below gives physical measurements of Lorde:

Skin TypeNormal
Body TypeSlim
Bust34 inches (86 centimeters)
Weight134 pounds (61 kilograms )
Waist27 inches (68.5 centimeters)
Hips size35 inches (89 centimeters)
Bra Size32B
Dress size6 (US)
Shoe size  4 (US)

Lorde Family Background

Her mother, Sonja Yelich, is a poet, and her father, Vic O’Connor, is an engineer. Her mother’s family is from Croatia, and her father’s family is Irish. They got engaged in 2014 after being together for 30 years and married in a small ceremony on Cheltenham Beach in 2017. She has two sisters (India Yelich-O’Connor and Jerry Yelich-O’Connor) and one brother (Angelo Yelich-O’Connor). Lorde spent her early life days with her parents and her siblings.

Age of Lorde

She was born on November 7, 1996, and now, in 2024, she is about 27 years old.

Net Worth

Lorde Net Worth

After becoming very popular, most of her songs were nominated for awards, and she won many. Her net worth is approximately 16 to 20 million dollars as of 2024.

Wiki Info

Here is some Wiki info on Lorde given below:

Real Name Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor
Date of BirthNovember 7, 1996
Place of BirthTakapuna, Auckland, New Zealand
Current ResidenceUnknown
Age 27 years
NationalityNew Zealand, Croatian
EducationTakapuna Grammar School
Belmont Primary School
Campbells Bay Primary School
Devonport Primary School
Westlake Boys High School
Kaipara College
Takapuna Normal Intermediate
ParentsFather – Vic O’Connor
Mother – Sonja Yelich
SiblingsSister – India Yelich-O’Connor, Jerry Yelich-O’Connor
Brother – Angelo Yelich-O’Connor
Height5 feet 5 inches (165 centimeters)
Eyes ColorBlue
Hair LengthLong
Hair TypeCurly
Hair ColorLight Brown
Marital StatusUnmarried
Husband NameUnknown
Zodiac SignScorpio
Profession        Singer

Social Media Accounts

Below are social media accounts of Lorde:

Instagram10.9M followers
Facebook6M followers
Twitter6.8M followers
YouTube5M subscribers

What is the full name of Lorde?

Her full name is Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O'Connor, but she is famous for Lorde, which is her stage name.

Did Lorde finish high school?

She gained much fame during her education; therefore, she decided to leave education in the middle of high school.

What happened to Lorde and her boyfriend?

Lorde and Justin might not be together anymore. In September 2023, Lorde wrote to her fans and said she felt sad because her heart was broken again. She said it feels different but similar to before.

Why did Lorde shush the concert?

To make sure only her voice was heard by everyone in the place, Lorde would quiet down people who were singing too loudly along with her.

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