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Sergey Bezrukov

Biography of Sergey Bezrukov

Biography of Sergey Bezrukov

Sergey Bezrukov (Sergey Vitalievich Bezrukov) is a famous person from Russia. He was born in Moscow (renowned for being Russia’s largest city). People know him because of her acting in theatres, movies, and TV shows. Besides, he did the voice acting and dubbing of many films.

Sergei received a particular title in Russia called “People’s Artist of the Russian Federation”. He also won a significant award called the State Prize of the Russian Federation back in 1997.

Early Life – Education and Birth Place 

Sergey Bezrukov Early Life

Sergey was born in Moscow on October 18, 1973. When he turned six, he started going to school. He liked seeing his dad when he was working at the theatre. Since he was little, he wanted to be an actor like his dad.

When Sergei was young, he imagined himself as a rock star, singing and playing guitar on stage. After finishing school in the Perovsky district of Moscow in 1990, Sergei decided to attend a particular school called the Moscow Art Theatre School. He wanted to learn how to be a great actor like his dad.

Struggle and Career 

Sergey Bezrukov Struggle and Career

Right after school, he started working with a group of actors at the Moscow Theater Studio led by Oleg Tabakov. Some of the TV shows he was in are “Brigade”, “Plot”, “Master and Margarita”, and “Yesenin”. He also acted in movies like “Chinese Service”, “Azazel”, and “Shadowboxing”. For many years, from 1995 to 2000, he worked on a funny TV show called “Dolls”. He used his voice to make characters talk, including famous people like Boris Yeltsin and Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

In 2010, Sergei started his theatre called the Sergei Bezrukov Theater. In 2013, he became the boss of a big arts center in Moscow called the Moscow Regional House of Arts “Kuzminki”. Then, in 2014, he became the boss of a drama theatre in Moscow.

Since 2016, he’s been in charge of making movies with his company, the Sergei Bezrukov Film Company. Last year, he made a play about a famous singer named Vysotsky and sang rock songs. This motivates him to make his rock band, “Godfather”. Afterward, he talked about it in an interview with a newspaper (Komsomolskaya Pravda). On June 2, 2018, Bezrukov started a band called “Godfather” with his friends. They even released their first song called “Not About Us”. He grew up listening to Russian rock bands like Aquarium, Kino, and Alisa. Now, he’s a big fan of a band called Muse.

Relationship – Love Life, Marriage or Girlfriend

Sergey Bezrukov Relationship

From 2000 to 2015, Bezrukov married a lady named Irina Bezrukova. They married while Sergey acted in a TV show called “Brigade”. But sadly, they decided to live separately in 2015.

Vitalyevich has kids from his first marriage. He has a daughter (Alexandra Bezrukova), born in 2008, and a son (Ivan Bezrukov), born in 2011.

Later, in 2016, Sergey married another lady named Anna Matison, who is a director. They have children together, too. Their first daughter, Maria Bezrukova, was born in July 2016. Then, in November 2018, they had a son named Stepan Bezrukov. They were expecting another baby in July 2021 and welcomed their son Vasily Bezrukov on July 24, 2021.

He’s not just into arts and entertainment; Sergei is also involved in politics. He’s a member of a political group called “United Russia”. He’s even the chairman of a public council called “Culture of the Small Motherland”. That’s a fancy way of saying he cares about promoting culture and art in his country.

Bezrukov asked a big court in Russia to check some judges because he felt they weren’t treating him fairly. He complained that newspapers and reporters were saying bad things about him and his family. But the judges said it’s okay for the media to talk about famous people’s private lives because they influence society. Even though Sergey is often seen with a cigarette in movies, he doesn’t smoke in real life.

Figure – Physical Measurements

Sergey Bezrukov Physical Measurements

The table below gives physical measurements of Sergey:

Breast Unknown
Weight150 pounds / 68 kilograms
Hips sizeUnknown
Dress sizeUnknown
Shoe size  Unknown

Sergey Bezrukov Family Background

Vitali Bezrukov is the name of Bezrukov’s dad, and Natalya Mikhailovna Bezrukova is his mom. His dad was an actor and director at the Moscow Academic Satire Theater. His mom went to a particular school called the Gorky College of Soviet Trade. She mostly stayed at home, but sometimes she worked as a manager at a store.

Age of Sergey Bezrukov

Bezrukov was born in Moscow (the largest and most famous city in Russia), on October 18, 1973, and is 50 years old.

Net Worth

Sergey Bezrukov Net Worth

Undoubtedly, there are many hurdles and challenges in his life. But he is a prominent figure in the Russian entertainment industry with a massive net worth of 13 to 15 million dollars.

Wiki Info

Here is some Wiki info on Sergey Bezrukov:

Real Name Sergey Vitalyevich Bezrukov
Date of BirthOctober 18, 1973
Place of BirthMoscow, Russia
Current ResidenceUnknown
Age 50 years
NationalityRussian, Soviet
EducationMoscow Art Theatre School
ParentsFather – Vitali Bezrukov
Mother – Natalya Mikhailovna Bezrukova
SiblingsBrothers – Unknown
Sisters – Unknown
Height5 feet 8 inches  (173 centimeters)
Eyes ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Marital StatusMarried
Wife NameIrina Bezrukova
Anna Matison
ChildrenDaughter – Alexandra Bezrukova
Son – Ivan Bezrukov
Zodiac SignLibra
Profession        Actor

Social Media Accounts

Below are social media accounts of Bezrukov:

Instagram3.4M followers
Twitter183.1k followers
YouTube106k subscribers

What are some of Sergey Bezrukov’s most famous roles?

He played Alexander Pushkin, the famous poet, in the movie "Pushkin: The Last Duel". He also starred in the movie "The Irony of Fate 2" and the TV series "High Security Vacation".

Is Sergey Bezrukov known for anything else besides acting?

He has directed some plays and even sings.

What awards has Sergey Bezrukov received?

He has won many awards, like the Moskovskij Komsomolets award for his theatre role in "Dead Souls".

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